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I fed him Friday, no issues. He pooped three days later. I bathed him today in a Sterilite container with lid/air holes in bottled spring water at 85F, decreasing to 82F naturally after 15 minutes. He didn't like it lol. He kept looking through the container at me like "what have you done to me daddy??" :-) I gave him a decent sized rock to grab onto but he basically never stopped moving the whole time. Obviously that's half the point anyway.

He didn't poop then and there has been very little if any change to his bump. I emailed Don @ SMR and he thoroughly discounted the possibility of Crypto since in his massive collection and 50 years of experience, he's never had a case. I trust him 100%. Great guy. He suggested the wait and see approach and that the baths certainly won't hurt regardless. In the absence of any other symptoms of illness, I will continue the daily baths, except for around meals.