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A question about GSE and comment about health problems.

I was just reading about grapefruit seed extract in this forum...and I noticed that somebody said that it could be used as a prophylactic. I think that would be great if thats true. I was just looking for some advice about that, because I bought some and I was intending to use it that way. I just wanted to check with some of you guys who might have more expertise than me with regards to this stuff.
I haven't had any real problems with my snake yet. I attribute this to ALWAYS taking the PROACTIVE approach. I do believe in preventitive measures. (Yes, Im the guy who would put a flea collar on my dog JUST to prevent him from getting fleas)
I have noticed that there are certain people here (not you, Rachel) who sure don't seem to be very proactive with their pets health. To make an analogy...these are the types who would say something like..."About two weeks ago...I was in the woods, and I was attacked by a raccoon. Just recently, I have noticed that I have extreme sensitivity to light, and I seem to be foaming at the mouth. Do you think I should get a rabies shot? " ROTFLMAO.
To these people you want to respond by saying...."Dear Moron,....."
I realize you cant anticipate every problem...but some of them are pretty obvious.

Anyway, any help any of the experts could provide regarding using GSE as a prophylactic would be very helpful. I was just thinking that this might be a good thing, because just like if you step on a rusty nail and you go to the doctor....the doctor DOESN'T WAIT for you to DEVELOP tetanus before giving you the shot, thats all....prophylaxis is very common in modern medicine