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Miscellaneous Corn Snake Discussions This is a "none of the above" forum. All posts should still be related to cornsnakes in one form or another, but some slight off topic posting is fine.

Common Terms
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Old 11-22-2009, 05:40 PM   #1
Common Terms

Here are some Common Terms, and Abbreviations you will find on this forum.

Forum/Site Abbreviations
Admin = Administrator/owner/GOD
Bump = means you're posting so that the whole thread goes back to the top of the new posts list (aka "bumping" it to the top).
DIY = Do it Yourself
DUW = Dial Up Warning, to let those on dial up internet connections know that this thread or post has a lot of pics so may take some time to load or lock up your connection.
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
Mods = moderators/demi-gods
PM = Private Message
Troll = Disruptive forum member who's sole purpose for existence is to cause fights.
WIR = Week In Review (a member makes a thread reviewing important parts of the previous week, this is done each week here)

Feeder Abbreviations
Red = 1 day old mouse
Pink/Pinky = young mouse with no fur
Peach/Peach Fuzz/Peach Fuzzy = fur just starting to grow
Crawler = mouse just staring to move around
Hopper = lively young mouse, jump like kangaroos right out of your hands!
Weanling = young adult mouse
Pups = rat pups/young rats

F/K = fresh killed
F/T = frozen, thawed food item (mice, rats, hamsters, etc)
Zombie Dance/Zombie Mouse Dance = jiggling dead mouse to induce feeding response

Abbreviations Commonly Used In Reference To Snakes And/Or Corn Snakes
1.2.0 = 1 male 2 female 0 sex unknown
1.1 = would then mean 1 male 1 female, if there are no unknowns then it is often left out
Blue = Is often used to represent a snake in shed, ie: "my snake is going through her first blue"
BOI = Board Of Inquiry an internet forum(housed on where a person can check for reviews(good or bad) on a person or business they may want to make a transaction with. The BOI is also a place where people can post a Bad Guy thread when they have been wronged by a transaction, post a Good Guy thread when they felt a transaction went well or can post an Inquiry when looking for information on a person or business they are considering a transaction with.
Brain = Cut open the skull of the F/T and allow some brain to come out
CB = Captive Bred or
CB = Colubrid (Corns, Kings, Milks, Rat Snakes etc)
CBB = Captive Bred Baby or Captive Bred and Born
CH = Captive Hatched (generally with WC gravid females)
Christmas Morning Clutch = A clutch where every egg that pips is like a fun little gift you don't know you're going to get. Especially used when referring to a clutch that's proving out hets.
Cull = Euthanize/Kill/Freeze to death This is done because the breeder feels the snake is not genetically desirable. It may be kinked, two headed, severely deformed, under sized and to keep the genetics of the Corn Snakes(or any other snakes) strong and healthy the decision is made to euthanize as spaying and neutering is not possible with snakes.
DIE = Dead In Egg
DOR = Dead On Road (in reference to field herping)
Fauna = another site owned by this site owner Rich Z. It also houses the BOI
Genotype = The genes a snake carries and can pass on regardless of whether they can be visually seen in the specimen.
Gravid = When a female snake is in state of pregnancy, whether it be a live bearer or egg layer.
Hatchling = A baby corn snake that has fully emerged from the egg.
Hateling = A baby snake that is aggressive and frequently coils, strikes and/or bites.
Hybrid = A snake that has be derived from the crossing of two different species, such as a King Snake bred to a Corn Snake makes Jungle Corns. Jungle Corns are not purebred Corn snakes, they are hybrids. There are several types of hybrids.
LTC = Long Term Captive
Munson Plan = A feeding plan created by Dean user name Roy Munson, easy to follow, great guidelines to how much to feed your snake when, based on the weight of your snake and the prey items.
Murphy = Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Often when discussing problems with breeding, or not getting the babies wanted people make comments like "Murphy has struck again".
Phenotype = The visual genetic markers in a given snake.
Pip = Hatch ie: “day 70 and they are finally starting to pip!”
Pips/Pippie(s) = Baby corn snakes when they first start to hatch, noses just peeking out of the egg ie: “beautiful pips or pippies”
Pipping = Hatching ie: “finally they are pipping”
P.I.T.A. = Pain In The Ass, often referring to a hatchling that will not feed
Popping = A method of determining sex by squeezing a snake below the vent so their genitals “pop” out (unscientific definition)
Probing = A method of determining sex by sticking a metal probe(rod of appropriate size) into a snake’s vent
Regurge = When a snake throws up it's meal, it can happen in varying stages of digestion for varying reasons. It is a serious health concern if not treated properly the act of regurging can kill a snake.
Saddles = The blotches found along the back(dorsal area) of a corn snake. Some are virtually round, some are strangely shaped(aberrant), some make a pattern similar to a zig zag or that likened to Aztec patterning found in fabric.
Scutes = the 'scales' on a snakes belly.
Substrate = The bedding or covering found in the bottom of the snakes enclosure. Most frequently used with corn snakes is Aspen, although there are several other suitable substrates for corn snakes.
Slug = An egg that is not fertile and will not hatch.
Viv = Vivarium
WC = Wild Caught

Morph Abbreviations
Amel = Amelanism/Amelanistic/Albino (means with out black pigment)
Anery/Aner(Anery Type A) = Anerythrism/Melanistic/Anerythristic/Black Albino (means lacks all red and most yellow pigments)
Anery/Aner(Anery Type B) = Anerythrism/Melanistic/Anerythristic/Black Albino/Charcoal (means lacks all red and generally all yellow pigments)
Blood(s) = BloodReds
C.C. = CandyCane
Diffused/Diffusion = This is the genetic term for what is commonly called a bloodred. Bloodred is a Line Bred (color) form of diffuse ( a pattern morph), the diffuse gene itself is presents as "smeared" sides, mostly clear bellly scutes and a mostly grey head with "eyebrows" of various shapes and sizes.
Dominant = A gene ( allele) that when paired, expresses itself as the phenotype (what you see)
GBR = Ghost BloodRed
Hurricane Motley = A condition of motley where the dorsal spots are surrounded by an atypically thick and usually darker ( depends upon the morph) ring.
Hypo = Hypomelanistic/Hypomelanism(means a reduction not removal of black pigment)
Hypo Lav = Hypomelanistic Lavender
Intergrade = These are the result of different species or subspecies of snakes that can and do breed together because of geographic proximity and common genetics, as opposed to a hybrid ( artificial breeding of different species or genuses).
Lav = Lavenders (very light snake with purplish tones)
Line Bred (trait) = The selective breeding of certain desirable characteristics of a snake to 'fix' a desired trait ( not known to reflect Mendelian genetics).
Locality = Used to specify where a snake species is found, it's origin, can also refer to a line bred trait from that origin.
Masking = When one genetic trait, hides another. eg. A hypo amel looks just like an amel because the Hypo is masked by the amel.
Mot = Motley
P/S, P.S. = Pied sided, a trait known to be associated with diffuse, where the sides,only, of the snake appear to have been splashed with bleach. ( some snakes occasional have white nose scales a swell.)
Recessive = A gene ( allele) that is not expressed when paired with a dominant allele.
R.O. = Reverse Okeetee
SK = Sunkissed

Morph Related Abbreviations
het = Heterozygous (contains gene, but not physically showing)
homo = Homozygous (shows gene)
poss het/phet/ph = Possibly heterozygous (not confirmed, need breeding trials)
uk het = unknown hets

Snake Type (Non-Corn) Related Abbreviations
ATB/atb/Ammy's = Amazon Tree Boa
BCC = Boa Constrictor Constrictor (“True” Red Tail Boa)
BCI = Boa Constrictor Imperator
BP/bp = Ball Python
BRB/brb = Brazillian Rainbow Boa
Burm = Burmese Python
Chondro = Green tree python
Conda = Anaconda
ETB = Emerald Tree Boa
FWC = false water cobra
GTP/gtp = Green Tree Python
KSB = Kenyan Sand Boa
KS = King Snake or another wesite/forum where many here also frequent and there are adds snakes
LTR = Leucistic Texas Rat
MBK = Mexican Black King
Retic = Reticulated Python
RP/rp = Royal Python/Ball Python
VBB = Vietnamese Blue Beauty.

General Speech Abbreviations
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
BTW = By The Way
DYK = Did You Know
IMHO - In My Humble/Honest Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
JK = Just Kidding
JJ = Just Jokes
Kudos = Congrats/Way To Go
LOL = Laugh Out Loud
OMG = Oh My God
ROFLMAO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off
Old 11-22-2009, 11:43 PM   #2
Thank you for compiling that list!! I hope others find it as helpful as I do.
Old 11-22-2009, 11:47 PM   #3
I can not take all the credit many contributed, I just put it all in one neat pile. Glad it is useful though!
Old 11-23-2009, 12:02 AM   #4
I feel the need to clarify the meaning of "cull" as it is not merely a synonym for euthanasia, but refers specifically to the act of removing an animal permanently from the breeding population in order to prevent undesired traits from being perpetuated. For example, in the case of mammals, they can be "culled" through castration. For herps, however, it does refer to euthanasia with the purpose of eliminating unfit individuals from the breeding population. It can also be used as a noun, as in, "There were 10 pippies, but 3 had severe kinks and were culls."

Other than that, great list! Should definitely prove useful.
Old 11-23-2009, 01:12 AM   #5
Here's one you can add DUW dial up warning
Old 11-23-2009, 01:16 AM   #6
Ok Pete it's late here but I have to be honest here I do not get it...what does dail up warning mean?
Old 11-23-2009, 01:18 AM   #7
Originally Posted by Asbit View Post
Ok Pete it's late here but I have to be honest here I do not get it...what does dail up warning mean?
As in, when there's so many pictures, it will lock up your dial up connection.
Old 11-23-2009, 01:37 AM   #8
Ahhh ok now I get it...I knew it had to do with internet some how by my exhausted brain just could not figure it out.
Old 11-23-2009, 01:39 AM   #9
Originally Posted by Asbit View Post
Ok Pete it's late here but I have to be honest here I do not get it...what does dail up warning mean?

It means if you have a dial up connection, it might take forever to open a post. Usually refers to a post that is heavy with pictures
Old 11-23-2009, 01:40 AM   #10
Originally Posted by Asbit View Post
Ahhh ok now I get it...I knew it had to do with internet some how by my exhausted brain just could not figure it out.
I know the feeling...

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