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Photography Techniques and Equipment This forum is for the discussion of technical details of how to take good pictures as well as discuss the equipment used in that pursuit.

Canon 1200 D DSLR (T5, T6)
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Old 06-12-2016, 06:17 PM   #1
Canon 1200 D DSLR (T5, T6)

I went walking out by the lake this morning just after sunrise and carried my Canon 1200 D with me. I talked about this camera on another thread a few days ago and was commenting on how much different Film and Digital is, especially with the Slower Lenses that usually comes with most cameras today.

Anyway, picture 1 is Looking across the lake, sun to my left. ISO - 100, Ap - F5.6, Shutter - 1/200, Focal - 75mm.

Picture 2, a Herron resting on a log. ISO - 800, Ap - F10, Shutter - 1/200, Focal 100mm.

Picture 3, A Friendly Squirrel that allowed me to get close. ISO - 3200, Ap - F4, Shutter - 1/100, Focal 85mm.

Picture 4, A Turtle on a log, not sure what type of Turtle, possibly a Slider. ISO - 200, Ap - F8, Shutter 1/500, Focal - 300mm.

And last Picture, a young Deer was browsing and I was able to get very close before she spooked and ran off. ISO - 2000, Ap - F4, Shutter - 1/160, Focal - 90mm.

Was hoping to see some snakes but not a one today.

I like this camera, but I feel that "picture 4" (the Turtle) is lacking in detail. You can't really see the vivid coloring, and if I had used a film camera with an F1.4 Lens, I know I could have obtained a better shot. But I'm happy with the others none the less.
Old 06-25-2016, 07:01 PM   #2
Should have "Manually" focused

I saw 2 baby owls sitting on a branch together this morning and grabbed the camera. I (regretfully) let the camera Auto-Focus and looking through the view finder the picture looked good. Of course now we can plainly see the camera focused on the Leaves several feet in front of the owls and the 2 owls are blurred.

This is the sort of situation where it would be better to turn off the auto focus and do it manually. "Live and Learn."
Old 06-25-2016, 07:08 PM   #3
Better Focus on Mama Owl

The Mama Owl of the 2 babies pictured above was guarding her young from another tree branch. I actually did not even see her at first but she screamed at the babies as I walked past and only then did I spot her. I was able to get closer to her and grabbed this photo.

I manually focused this time (although I probably didn't need to in this picture) and my camera was set as such: F5 aperture, ISO 3200, 1/40th Shutter, 140mm Focal. No flash, this picture was taken at about 6:00am this morning under cloudy skies. I'm surprised it came out this good.
Old 06-25-2016, 07:13 PM   #4
Bambi posing for me

The camera Auto-Focused very well for me this time. My settings for this picture: F4 aperture, ISO 3200, 1/13th Shutter, 80mm Focal. No Flash.
Old 07-03-2016, 10:57 AM   #5
Radnor Lake

There is an old Railroad Refilling Lake built about 100 years ago during the old steam engine days only a few miles from me. It is called Radnor Lake.

Today it is a National Park and Wildlife Refuge.

People go there to hike, walk, enjoy nature and take pictures. That is where all these pictures have come from.

(Below) picture 1 - Two Turtles on a log engulfed in lots of Green Pond Scum. Yummy! Focal - 55mm, ISO - 100, Shutter - 1/125, F7.1

picture 2 - An Observation Deck overlooking the Lake. Focal - 18mm, ISO - 100, Shutter - 1/60, F5

picture 3 - A Flower on a tree. (Not sure about what kind of tree this is.) I got as close as my lens would focus, about 9 inches away and focused manually. Focal - 18mm, ISO - 100, Shutter - 1/125, F7.1

and picture 4 - A young Buck with new antlers still covered with Fuzz. The deer in this area know we (the people) can not hurt them so they are not scared of us. You can't feed them or pet them but they will sometimes walk right up to you. I got about 50 feet from this guy when I took this picture. Focal - 300mm, ISO - 3200, Shutter - 1/200, F5.6
Old 07-04-2016, 09:37 AM   #6
More pics from Radnor taken with the Canon T5

I was out very early this morning, first light. The sun was just up and all pics were taken at ISO 3200. All pics were in "Auto Exposure mode" but I manually focused on everything. All pics were taken with the 75 - 300mm lens.

Pic 1 - a female Ruby Throated Hummingbird enjoying some Honeysuckle. (Only the males have the red throat.) Focal - 300mm, ISO - 3200, 1/400 - Shutter, F7.1

Pic 2 - The Park Rangers sometimes take tour groups out in canoes. This is the only time you're allowed on the water. Focal - 300, ISO - 3200, 1/400 - Shutter, F7.1

Pic 3 - Momma Deer and her 2 Babies. Focal - 300mm, ISO - 3200, 1/160 - Shutter, F5.6

Pic 4 - She turned around and smiled for the camera. Focal - 220mm, ISO - 3200, 1/200 - Shutter, F5

And last pic, (#5) This is what a young Buck does when a Flea bites him in the butt. Focal - 75mm, ISO - 3200, 1/100 - Shutter, F4
Old 07-04-2016, 07:17 PM   #7
Nice work, Karl. It certainly helps to be able to zoom in on the wildlife!
Old 07-04-2016, 07:47 PM   #8
yup. I've been hoping to get pictures of the pair of Bald Eagles that have recently made the area home as well as the variety of snakes that live here. There are 2 species of harmless water snakes as well as Cotton Mouths, Timber Rattlers, Copperheads, 3 species of Rat snakes (which include our friends the corn snake).

But so far after obtaining my New Camera, the only guys that want to come out and pose are Birds, Squirrels and Deer.
Old 07-04-2016, 07:56 PM   #9
Always the way, Karl! Murphy works overtime sometimes.
Old 07-09-2016, 10:42 AM   #10
Back to Radnor Lake

More pictures from Radnor Lake.

Pic 1. I was standing on top of the dam looking down on the creek below and spotted this Green Herron hunting in the water. The Green Herron is a cousin of the Great Blue Herron, but is much much smaller. I especially like his red cheeks. My camera settings - Focal 300mm, ISO - 2000, Shutter - 1/500, F7.1, No flash, Manual Focus.

Pic 2. The same bird, a slightly different angle. Focal 300mm, ISO - 3200, Shutter - 1/400, F6.3, No flash, Manual Focus.

Pic 3. An American Bittern perched on a Limb over the water. The camera exposed on the water and so the bird is under exposed. I should have exposed manually on this one. Focal 300mm, ISO - 1600, Shutter - 1/500, F7.1, No flash, Manual Focus.

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