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Miscellaneous Corn Snake Discussions This is a "none of the above" forum. All posts should still be related to cornsnakes in one form or another, but some slight off topic posting is fine.

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Old 12-29-2012, 05:47 PM   #81
First of all- look under everything. Anything sitting on the floor. Follow the walls. Look in the evening when babies are more likely to be active. Set tape traps using blue painters tape, set in coils, along the walls.
Old 12-31-2012, 12:23 AM   #82
Carpe Serpentis
Sorry for your loss and the scare I'm sure your having of losing your first snake. Think of it as a learning experience/growing experience if you don't find her, but definitely don't give up. I read this suggestion somewhere once and maybe it will help you. Take a soda pop bottle and cut the top off insert a mouse into the bottle and invert the top of the bottle into the base of the bottle so the snake can crawl into the bottle tape this up so it does not separate and place along the edges of your wall and in dark places in the room you lost your snake in. Hope everything works out for you.
Old 02-09-2013, 12:14 AM   #83
Another escape story

Well, at least this one had a happy ending.

On November 28, I finished feeding one of our male Okeetee's
and put the lid on his 70 gallon habitat.
This was an aquarium that I had a screen built for the top, with a piece of 1/4" glass and a 3' flourescent light on top of that.

We get up the next Morning and sometime during the night our snake jumped ship. He had to of pushed the lid up and escaped to who knows where. I tore this house up looking in every closet, room, shelf, under all the appliances, boxes etc.
This house is a huge single story ranch and we looked everywhere. We put down traps, flour, water, mice all to no avail.

I thought he went out the Dog door and with tempuratures dipping to around Ten degrees I quit looking after about a Month.
I was sick with dread never thinking I'd see him again. A beautiful 4.5' Okeetee.

Fast forward to February 8th, we were looking at one of our other snakes and my wife looks down and sees a head sticking out from under one of the other Vivs.
I picked him up and put him in a secure tub gave him some water, bedding, a hide and heat. He drank for about Five minutes, We waited a few hours and offered him a Fuzzy and he woofed it down so All seems well.

I guess the lesson here is never assuming the habitat is escape proof and these guys are strong. He was within 5' of where he originally escaped, One of my main concerns was him being able to find water. He must have been drinking from the Dogs water at night.
I've heard of them being able to go without food for almost a year but I'm not sure how often they need water.

Another lesson I learned was don't give up. A friend had a King
and he put it in the tub for a bath. The phone rang and when he got back the snake had gone down the drain.
it was a septic system so he never thought he'd see it again.
A Month later he sees the snake in his back yard so it had to have crawled up a roof vent onto the roof and down to the ground.

Sorry this is so long but I had to share the good news!
These guys are amazing animals.
Old 02-09-2013, 01:09 AM   #84
I'm glad you found him!
I built a new background for our 90gal viv. Spent 3 weeks working on it and tonight was the night we put it in the viv. Spent an hour cleaning and re-arranging hides, etc. and boy, was it well worth the effort. Looked great. Noticed our snake was climbing up the artifical rocks, but the screen was pretty secure with two sets of clamps, two massive cans plus two potted plants. SO I thought....
Went out for 2 hrs, came home and went straight to the viv to check in.
No sign of Redneck. The snake was gone. Somehow, "Houdini II" has managed to get out of the tank. Pushed the screen up and off she went.
We have one of those 'horror' log hides, which is also our snakes fav. place. SO I rip it apart, as well as the rest of viv. Thankfully our living room is fairly clutterless, so I took the flashlight and started to look in every nook and cranny.....Deja vu.

Long story short, I found her in about 20min. Where? Half way up our 10' vaulted living room window sill.

Lets just say my masterpiece background is no longer in the viv. Until we Houdini proof this tank, likely with bricks since it doesn't seem we can secure this screen top, back to the boring old safe setup. I'm almost ready to chuck this whole tank out the window and fork out some more dough and get new 'snake proof' tank(s). And since I plan on investing in a black rat, I think option B is more likely
Old 02-09-2013, 01:44 PM   #85
I'm happy to hear you found him so soon. 20 Minutes of panic isn't so bad.
Mine was gone over Two months. Now I'm short another Viv. I'm not sure
what kind to try.
I have the large Exo Terra's and never had an escape and I thought that a large aquarium was secure but these guys are amazing escape artists.

I'm thinking of a large Penn plax or vision
Old 02-09-2013, 02:14 PM   #86
Zilla Critter Cage.
Old 02-09-2013, 02:18 PM   #87
Our first corn went MIA after having her only a week. Brought her out for a minute, changed her water then put her back and closed the viv. Came back 5 minutes later and she was gone. Never saw her again...

I was clearly over-confident of the "security" of our 90gal. The screen seemed tight, especially with the clamps, cans and two plants. I've spent the morning reading up on DIY viv projects. I'm thinking I will thrift shop a dresser, re-finish it and create a large, custom viv. I'd rather drop a few hundred making something stellar then buying another basic setup. This way I can hopefully make two viv's with one stand so I have room for another snake ..Well see how this goes.... lol
Old 02-09-2013, 06:43 PM   #88
Why not get a PVC enclosure? You could get one made for a corn for REALLY cheap! This is where I got my boa's PVC enclosure, completely escape proof and I love it! And the best part is you can stack enclosures...for when you need MOAR SNAKES!

A 3' x 2' x 1' is $235 + shipping, and I think you can even get cool LED lighting from him as well. Heating might be extra as well, but either way, COMPLETELY worth it and sooooo easy to clean. He'll do custom sizes as well if you think the 3 footer is too big. He's a great guy to deal with.
Old 11-17-2013, 04:33 PM   #89
I remember having my little pencil sized corn for a little over a week.. So I went to go hold my little guy and I couldn't find him!!! Being a new snake owner, I didn't really want to get bit because I thought, oh, he's under his aspen. So I took this cactus log I had and was digging around in the substrate. I had taken out everything and was starting to cry. I went running down stairs and back… Well… I found him… In that log I had been pushing everything around with… Needless to say, that log was taken out immediately!!!
Old 11-17-2013, 04:36 PM   #90
Wow.....well I left Crescents door open last night for about 15 minutes, I was so relieved when I found him still asleep in his log. WHEW ~

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