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Health Issues/Feeding Problems Anything related to general or specific health problems. Issues having to do with feeding problems or tips.

Constant wandering and
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Old 05-24-2021, 01:31 AM   #1
Constant wandering and

My corn is about 14, and she has been acting very odd for the last few days...

She hasn't eaten for about 4 weeks, but she has done longer hunger strikes in the past. In the last few days though, I've noticed she's been circling her vivarium bonking her nose on the glass and attempting to pry objects up from the ground with her head.

She upturned one of her hides, and has managed to damage a lot of the scales on her face. I've removed all of the extraneous decorations and the hide she keeps flipping over from her vivarium, as I'm worried she will try to move them like she has been doing and hurt her skin more. The scale damage isn't anything more than superficial, but it's still concerning as she's never acted like this before.

The lady has also been very aggressive, sharply moving toward any noise I make and even rattling at me when I open the top up, which has been something she very rarely does.

I tried turning off her heat for a while, as I thought she might be trying to escape the vivarium because it was too hot, but after a few hours her behavior didn't change. I also removed her from the vivarium for a while and put her in a pillowcase, as I thought maybe something in the vivarium was spooking her, but she just as frantically tried to escape the pillowcase. The tank now only has the warm side hide, the heater and a water dish.

As I was writing this post, I heard her make a strange noise, like air escaping a small space. She won't do it when I'm standing over her, though. This and the agitation make me think she may have a respiratory infection, but I'm really not sure... I thought I'd ask here before I take her to the vet, as every time I've looked over at her for about 4 days she's been going crazy moving around and hitting her face on the glass like she's trying to flee something.

Thanks, and I hope y'all can provide some insight
Old 05-24-2021, 09:50 AM   #2
Has she ever laid eggs before? When was the last time she shed?
Old 05-24-2021, 02:06 PM   #3
She had laid eggs before, only once. It was around this time last year. She's never been around a mate before, so I am surprised she laid then.
I did check around for eggs in the viv, but didn't find anything.
She last shed around 4 weeks ago, right after the last time she ate.

Do you think it could have something to do with her getting ready to lay eggs again?
Old 05-24-2021, 02:22 PM   #4
It could be, although the timing isn't quite right. Usually if they're going to lay, it will be within a week or two after their prelay shed. They do tend to get extremely active when looking for a place to lay and they tend to refuse food during that time, so it certainly wouldn't hurt to give her a lay box. Have you palpated her for eggs? I'm almost wondering if she's eggbound. Can you post a picture?
Old 05-24-2021, 05:58 PM   #5
Rich Z
Sounds to me that it may be as simple as her possibly seeking a mate.

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aggression, agitation, breathing, not eating, scale damage

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