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Health Issues/Feeding Problems Anything related to general or specific health problems. Issues having to do with feeding problems or tips.

Wrinkly snake!
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Old 10-11-2022, 11:08 PM   #1
Wrinkly snake!

My corn snake, rigatoni, went on a hunger strike but is now eating. He has an infection in his mouth Iím treating with medicine the vet gave me. But, he is very wrinkly. He is not going into shed. He has been like this for 2 weeks. His temps and moisture levels are doing fine, so whatís up with him? Yeah

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Old 10-12-2022, 10:36 AM   #2
Can you post a picture of him? Have you tried giving him a soak? He might be dehydrated.
Old 10-12-2022, 09:38 PM   #3
He has access to water at all times, but maybe I should be giving him soaks more. Iíll start giving them to him every week and see if that helps

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Old 10-12-2022, 09:39 PM   #4

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Old 10-13-2022, 01:05 AM   #5
Rich Z
Looks to me that you have a scaleless form of the corn snake. That is just how they look sometimes, apparently.

But what do I know? Never had any interest in having them myself, so take my opinion with a BIG grain of salt.

BTW, you might want to reduce the size of your embedded images in the future. Makes it difficult to see the image, much less participate in the thread any longer.
Old 10-13-2022, 10:43 AM   #6
Ah, well scaleless can look wrinkly just normally! I would still give him a little soak to help make sure he's hydrated while he's on medication
Old 10-13-2022, 01:25 PM   #7
Thank you!

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