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Ati Largo X Mr. Wu


Surprise late season eggs! Expected are Gold Dusts, Butters, Ultramel and Amel. Great clutch for these first time breeders - 14 eggs, 3 slugs laid today.


  • Mr. Wu 11.2019 (1).jpg
    Mr. Wu 11.2019 (1).jpg
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  • Ati Largo 8.2019 (2).jpg
    Ati Largo 8.2019 (2).jpg
    215.3 KB · Views: 42
  • 20201002_160142 (1).jpg
    20201002_160142 (1).jpg
    318.6 KB · Views: 42
All pippies have hatched. As expected, I have some clear Amels, Butters, Ultramels and Gold Dusts, however I have some clean bellies. Mr. Wu is possible het for diffused, so maybe some Fires and Sulfurs? We'll see once they've shed!!


  • Ati Hatchlings.jpg
    Ati Hatchlings.jpg
    154.7 KB · Views: 28
Some of those heads look very bald... Looks like you got a nice colorful clutch. I always like variety in a clutch.