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Black water snake

Rich Z

Staff member
Yesterday Connie came into the house all excited about a snake she saw out by one of the buildings. She wasn't sure what kind it was, so she wanted me to hurry on up and get out there to see it before it vanished.

When I got out there, it wasn't where she had last seen it, but had moved about 6 ft or so along the wall of the building. Honestly at first I wasn't sure what it was, neither. At first I thought it was a hog-nosed snake, as we have seen them around here being pretty dark like that. But the head shape wasn't right. Certainly wasn't a cottonmouth, but I can see where Connie would have been a but cautious around it. Anyway, it didn't get too alarmed at out presence, only flattening it's head a bit when I got too close with the camera. Looks like it had piece of an eye cap on one eye, so possibly it just shed recently.

Not really any water real close by, but we do have a stream on the north end of the property. Maybe it is just the time of year for the snakes to be on the move around here.




Not me. My snake keeping days are over with. It is much more fun for me to see the wildlife outside doing their thing, thinking I don't have to take care of them.