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cute but....stinky?!?! how do desmell?


New member
So I was ina pet store (dangerous place for me) and saw this cute little mousie... and I happen to have a cute little corn snakie who loves pinkies... so I decided, what the heck, I'll get a pair of mice. She's a beautiful black and white satin mousie, he's just black and white....wellll..... they stink! I've raised rabbits,cavies, hamsters,dwarf hamsters, a rat, etc... and didn't have odor problems! I'm bedding them on aspen shavings, with some Carefresh bedding mixed in... right now they are in the bathroom (who cares if that stinks) since they stink! Any suggestions on lessening the odor? I'm allergic to pine shavings so that won't work....I saw some Ammo-chips for critter cages but I imagine they'd eat that bleh....help?
Apparently, she's also pregnant (got a belly on her). They are both friendly and get along great, so I'd rather not risk afight but am feeding her a high quality food instead........ looks like I'll have pinkies sooner than I thought! Be curiuos to see what the babies look like LOL So I want to figure out a way to reduce the odor before I get more :)
Some substrates I have used to cut back on odor are Aspen Supreme Pellets, Alfafla Pellets, and Oat Pellets. Between using those and cleaning them twice a week, the smell stays pretty managable.
You mean alfalfa pellets like what I use in feeding my goats? and oat pellets I've never heard of. The goats alfalfa pellets get nasty when they get wet, fall apart and stink-wouldn't they do the same when peed on?
Oat pellets are the same idea as alfalfa pellets, except of course they are made of oats. It takes a good amount of moisture to break apart alfalfa pellets. Mouse urine has not been enough to cause a problem with my use, but I do change it twice a week. I have heard that some people have a problem with it if you live somewhere with high humidity, so that is something to take into consideration. I am pretty sure that the Aspen Supreme Pellets work well anywhere.
Pine has toxic fumes in it that are bad for a mouses respiratory system so it is good you can't use it. There is an odor reducer for ferrets that is put in their drinking water. You might want to check and see if it is ok to use for mice.
This is just from my own experience of what I do with my mice. I can go two about two without cleaning the cage before it gets too stinky. I clean the bottom tray with very hot water and soap. Kind of like washing dishes by hand. Just plain old soap and water. Dry it, but leave it just a little bit wet, not dripping, but just slightly damp, then coat the bottom of the cage with baking soda. Then add a layer of Timothy Hay or Alfalfa Hay to the bottom. It cuts down on the smell, plus they nibble on it and use it to build nests and stuff. Then put in the bedding you use. I don't like to use aspen with them because it doesn't seem to cut the smell as much as CareFresh. That's what I do with my mice and I have a breeding group of 1 male and 2 females. It seems to work pretty well.
Hmmm didn't think of the baking soda idea, that's a good one!.......... I have hay around (I also raise goats) but it's Coastal hay, I'll try that too. I did a half and half mix of some carefresh and aspen but I still smell the little buggers.........
They got moved into an aquarium cage after they somehow ? managed to escape the wire one. I went in the bathroom in the A.M. and there were two mice... sitting together all cute like........on TOP of their cage! For the life of me I can't figure out how they did it, baby hamsters couldn't even get out of that cage before.....I put them back in and 2 minutes later the male was back out looking at me like......hey......play with me! So I gave up and into an old aquarium they went :). I guess they're just going to stink.... mousy smell...... airfreshners here I come!
i was on this dudes site for amazon tree boas. apparently he uses 2 tablespoons of vanilla (extract or pure) with a gallon of water for the mouses drinking water. its supposed to cut oder in half. im not alowed to keep mice in college or breed them so its not a proven thing for me. but try it it might work.
I have heard about vanilla in the water aswell.
Just bought myself a breeding trio of mice and I am going to give it a ago