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Hi i am new here " need help on my cornsnake morpth"


New member
well this is my first time keeping cornsnakes i got both of them as a birthday present they are very healthy now and feeding very well on pinkys but i would like to know what morpth they are

this are the pics


Okay sure, I believe the first one is an anerythristic (or simply anery) Corn snake, and the second looks like an amelanistic (albino). However, it looks like he may be going into shed, but that could just be the fact that he has a pinky inside of him so the skin is stretched lol.

But may I ask what substrate are you keeping them on?
i am keeping them on a brand of recycle paper totally safe for reptiles forgot the brand name tou and the amelanistic has pinky in him when this photo was taken
Congrats on the new snakes, and welcome to the forums! It's kind of hard to see the colors in these photos, but I'm pretty sure the second one is an amel (love its markings btw). Can't really tell enough to be sure about the top one, other than it has a very cute heart as a head marking. ;) You might also want to consider switching to aspen at some point. Corn snakes love to burrow, and it's harder to do so in the heavier newspaper pellets. It's not toxic to them though, so it's not a necessary switch- just my personal preference I guess. Congrats again!
Amelanistic is a lack of melanin pigment, which causes your snake to have no black pigmentation. For obvious reasons, this seriously changes the overall look of a cornsnake.

Your top photo appears to be a caramel, which is another recessive gene that accentuates the yellows of a corn snake, and subdues the oranges and reds.

Aspen is a wood shaving substrate available from online suppliers if your local pet stores don't carry it. But your corns will survive just fine on newspaper...it's what I use for all my corns and kings.

If you can't get aspen in Malaysia you might want to just use newspapers or paper towels for ease of cleaning.
exotics said:
i am keeping them on a brand of recycle paper totally safe for reptiles forgot the brand name tou and the amelanistic has pinky in him when this photo was taken
I use this type of bedding, in the US it's called CareFresh, I use either this or aspen or a combo of both (for all my snakes and rodents). The only thing I would watch is sheds, you may have to provide a moist hide. Welcome to the forum, susang