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How do I....


New member
....feed my baby corns for the first time? What :bounce: (copped-up pinks or normal pinks?) and how should i feed them? Its my first time hope its easy and goes well!!! :crazy02:
It really depends on whether you are talking about a new corn from a breeder that has already fed the snake, or a new snake right out of the egg. If it is a new snake right out of the egg, you wait until the snake sheds for the first time, and then you feed him either a live or a f/t newborn pinky. It is best to feed him in a small container like a deli cup. If the snake is from a breeder and has eaten previously, then you typically wait about 3 days for the snake to settle in and settle down, and then feed it a newborn pinky. If the snake came in a deli cup, it is best to keep the cup for the first few feedings.

In either case, if the snake doesn't eat the meal in about the first 2-3 hours, then remove the pinky and try again in another 5 days or so. If it still doesn't eat, then read up in this forum about what to do next.

you can slit the pinks all over if you can stomach it.
What i would do is get a plastic container with holes in the lid, put the snake inside with the pinkie mouse, and leave it undisturbed for 30 min or so. then look and see if it has eaten the pinkie. If it has, put it back in its viv and leave it alone for 48 hrs. if not, close the lid on the container and leave it alone again for a couple hours, or overnight, then check again.
If it still hant eaten, leave it alone for another day or 2 (thow the pinkie out), and try again.
Clip the nose to get some juices flowing, and make 2-3 small slits on the back to aid in digestion.
wait til the first shed and leave it in a delicup with a live or f/t(No argument of live v.s. f/t please) pinky for 3 hour in the dark. I find that pinkies seem to decompose after about 6 hours and really smell and fall apart in your hands!! :puke02:

Thats sick!!! What morph are the babies? How many babies?