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I Dream of Corns?


Poopsy Woopsy Luver
Okay this is really stupid, but I had to say it. A couple nights ago I was waiting for my mom to call me and okay the use of the PayPal account (She's in CA) to *finally* buy my cornsnake. So I was thinking about it all day and she never called. Naturally I went to sleep with cornsnakes on the brain. This is the dream I had:

Someone had dropped off two "baby" corns on my doorstep. Everyone in the house seemed to be in a panic, saying that they were going to die. At first they were eggs, but when I put them in Hades' tank (which for some reason he wasn't in) they magically became hatchlings. The tank had different substrate and a strange green light coming from it. Then they became juveniles or adults. One whitish one, I'm guessing either a snow or ghost, and one reddish orange one, which as you all know could be a world of anything :spinner:

I just thought it was strange. Do any of you have any cornsnake/reptile dreams?
I start having feeding nightmares every year when eggs start hatching. :rolleyes: