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New member
I just wondered if my snow was a 'normal' snow, what do you guys think?


I'd say it doesn't look like anormal Snow. The nose is relativly yellow, also the lateral. Maybe a Frosted Snow?
My first thought when I saw it was Coral Snow. It has a high amount of pink.

But the main question would be. Where did you get it and what did you buy it as?

Menhir, although it is possible, I don't think it would be a Frosted Snow. Any frosted snows I have seen and the couple I have display a lot of yellow in the saddle/body patterns. The yellow on this one seems more typical of a corns yellow with it being the lower body yellow with the small amount of yellow on the nose. This is only my obsevation though.

The only way to know if it is a Coral Snow though would be to breed it to a hypo type and see if you get all hypo type babies.

Pretty snake! :)
Pretty snake. I love the high yellow on it. I don't know that it's anything different than a normal snow. They have quite a wide range of coloring.

There isn't any reason to "bump" threads here. Everyone visits at different times & it will get responses, just be patient. :D
Thanx everyone

I got him off a breeder who i get quite a few snakes off, he was sold as a snow, but i know the breeder is keeping the rest of the hatchlings he bred as he think they may be coral snows.

I will just call him a 'pretty snow' for now.
he just looks like a very nice coulour full snow :) congrats on the purchase!
When I first saw your snow, I thought "Wow! It looks like all of my snows het lavender", as all of mine, plus other snows het lavender I've seen, have that same high intensity of color. Would definately be worth a breeding trial to check for lavender.
I kinda thought it looked a bit opal-like because of the orange spots down its back, so maybe you're right about the het lavender. My snow het lav is getting colours like that. Just gorgeous.