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Incubator question.


Sci from N.I.
I have used this method for incubating my cornsnakes eggs the last
two year with pretty good results. http://snakesnadders.tripod.com/id58.html

Thing is,it's looking like I'm gonna have a lot more eggs this year
and I was wondering if anyone had used just a poly-box
with no tub and the heat mat fixed to the side?
What was humidity like?
Any helpful suggestions would be much appreciated.
Just get some medium sized ziploc or rubbermaid containers that have a snapping lid, mix the vermic and water and toss the eggs in. Seal em up and you're good to go.

Putting them in a big cooler or something will keep the temps steadier than if they were just out in a standing room, but I'm not sure that you'll get the temps to hover around 80 without a heat source and thermostat.
What I have always done (with 100% hatch rate on fertile eggs) is to incubate them in the top of the bathroom closet inside a rubbermaid type shoebox. The temps stay right around 78º. I keep a wash cloth on top of the eggs to guage the humidity. As the cloth dries out I re-mist it with water that is right next to the shoe boxes (so the water is the same temp as the eggs so there is no heat shock). I have always done it this way with great success.