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its been gone for 4 days now


New member
my snake is gone because my little cuzin forgot to put the lid back on and i cant find it.im starting to worry about 'em. its about 14 to 15 inches long and about 3/4 of an inch thick.any advice?is it too early to worry?i know the like heated places but everytime i check hes not there ..idk any advice? :shrugs:
i found my snake in the last place i thought to look, five feet from his tank. he was under a bag of paintballs and behind a pile of books just chillin. crazy things
yeah bro just look underneath shirts, in corners, basically all the dark places you can. They love compact spaces and love cramping themselves in.
Look in all dark places, warm places, along walls, near water. Or if your breeding rodents, look near them to. Don't worry my snake went missing for 2 1/2 weeks and I found him in the tiolet.
Not to burst your bubble............but I had two different ones get loose. The first was found 1 1/2 days later underneath the tank in a box of nintendo games. The second went for 1 1/2 weeks (with me looking every day and night) until I found him by the front door with two cats checking him out. Tried to feed him that night and he wouldn't eat, put him back in the cage and found him the next day.....passed. Guess it was probably a combination of stress, dehydration and probably not enough heat. Sorry again to tell you this, but just goes to show the importance of how easy they can escape and that you always have to know if other people are going to be in the room with them while you are not. Good luck, it is still early enough to find him. Follow the other peeps advice, start close to the tank and work outwards.