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Lavender Blood Red

Rich Z

Staff member

Well, it certainly was a pleasure to see this little guy sitting in that egg incubating box! Hopefully some more will show up as later clutches hatch out for me. One of these days I'll have to drag out the couple of yearling Lavender Blood Reds I have and take some photos of them as well.
Awful pretty... I'd like to see what an older one looks like. Will this be added to the price list anytime soon? Hopefully not with 3 0's next to it!
I'd really like to see a yearling photo of these guys. I forget who or where, But I know I've seen a site advertising Lav Bloodred's for sale. But any inquiry's I made via email were ignored.

Damn, I know I had a supposed photo I took from the site but I can't find it now. I'm gonna have to go search for it...
Kevin M said:
But any inquiry's I made via email were ignored.

don´t worry...no one get´s an answer...?
he wrote a few month ago at kingsnakes com that he likes more phonecalls.
would be clever to write this at the page...must be a good business man ;-)