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Loctite power grab all purpose


Hay guys any reason I can't use loctite power grab in a corn snake enclosure?
I was doing research on DiY backgrounds and I found a tutorial that used loctite power grab all purpose to adhere peices of Styrofoam together. I started the project but found a thread saying not to use it for frogs and one where it was being used for bearded dragons without issue. Im planning to build the background out of Styrofoam stuck together with Loctite power grab and coated either in several layers of drylok or coated inplaster paris and drylok. What do you guys think?
Amphibians are very sensitive when it comes to chemicals, so it would make sense that there would be materials that are reptile safe but not amphibian safe. Especially if the adhesive is completely sealed by reptile safe substances and is given plenty of time to dry/gas off harmful chemicals.

I am a fan of Drylok and have used it to seal numerous projects.

That said, snake poop is terribly difficult to remove from Drylok and grout. A smooth epoxy seal would be much, much easier to clean.

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