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looking for a few pairs of snakes. (only want to buy pairs)


Travi guttata
Hey all, I am looking for 1.1 pairs, They are as follows.

Amelanistic Het. Caramel + Caramel Her. Amelanistic

Lavender Het. Bloodred + Bloodred Het. Lavender

Ghost Het. Amelanistic + Ghost Het. Amelanistic

Charcoal Het. Amel + Amel. Het. Charcoal

Snow Het. Anery + Amel. Het Anery

IF you have any of these snakes in a M/F pair, either snake either sex, as long as they are different sexes, I would be very interested. PM or Email is the best way to reach me.

[email protected]
Did you mean to say snow X amel het anery? Snow is homo anery already. Or were you looking for a different het in that snow?
I'll be hatching ghosts het amel stripe, ghosts het amel motley, amels het caramel 66% het blood, caramel het amel 66% het blood. If you want to wait I'll have some of what you're looking for later this year.