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My sonoran boa's


Sci from N.I.
I had to take a pile of pic's for the new site,so here's a few.

Here's 2 of my anery type II sonorons,these are all doing great and pounding down med mice.

This is a normal 66% poss het anery II hold back.

This is one of my het leopard sonorans,this one came straight from the guy that first produced them, H.J Winner.

and one of my hypo sonorans,these are from Dan and Collette Sutherland at the snake keeper,I Imported a good few boa's from them in late 08.


You can see more pic's on my new website here.
Wow! Thats quite a Sonoran collection! I really dig the pattern on that het Leopard. Hope it has a mate! Leopards are one of the most intriguing patterns I've ever seen on a boa.
I am oooober jealous of the het leopard. I just adore their look and how you can spot them a mile away. Have you any visual leopards? If you do, I may hunt you down and steal them :D
Sorry guys my pockets wouldn't allow me a homo leopard but a do have several hets and possible hets. Must admit I'd love to see what a pure sonoran leopard anery or hypo would look like.