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My tank....


New member
Exclamation Setting up my tank...
Hello i am looking to get a corn snake... I am purchasing and setting up the tank before i get my corn. here is the list of things i have....

20L tank
8" by 6" UTH Zoo med brand
BAH 1000 thermostat
ReptiBark ( only needs changed twice a year correct?)
Water Bowl ( how big mus it be??)
one of those Log Hides

Anything else I need? Do i still need to get a thermometer even tho i have the thermostat? Well anything i should get let me know as well as what size i need for the water bowl and the Half a log Hide

Thanks a lot !
The water bowl should be big enough that the snake can soak in it if they want to. The hides should also be just big enough to fit in, not too huge. It seems like they feel more secure in a small hidey spot than a cavernous one.

I'd reccommend getting 2 hides, one for the cool side and one for the warm side so they can choose the temp they want to be in while they hide.

I'd also say to get a thermometer even though you have the thermostat...although it's not common, thermostats can break so it's a good idea to have a thermometer so you can be sure at a glance is all's well. I have a combo thermometer/hygrometer (sp?) that sits on the substrate so I can see what the temps are doing along with the humidity (it's very dry here)

As far as the reptibark, I don't use it, but I would be skeptical of only changing it twice a year. Even with daily poo removal, it's easy to miss some. When I first set up my tank, I used layers of plain white paper towels. It made it easy to spot the poo and any potential regurges. After awhile, I switched over to a single layer of paper towel on the bottom and an inch or so of shredded aspen, which the snakes just love! Twice a week, I pick out the poo and once a month or so, I pull it all out replace it. I have yet to do a whole tank sterilizing...I figure twice a year for that, barring any bug problems or whatever.

You may already know this, but the last thing I would reccommend is getting a small plastic container with a secure lid for feeding in. This way you avoid the snake ingesting any bedding particles that can stick to a mouse.

I'm sure others wil chime in and give some advice =)

I'd also recommend getting a couple fake rock hides- the half log hides don't really "hide" the snake. A big adult will sit in one, but I don't think they are suitable for young snakes.

You for sure need a thermometer. I recently got a bunch of dual probe thermometers (Big Apple Herp, $24) and I LOVE them. I feel like I _always_ have the most information about temps in the viv. They are totally worth it.