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new snakes


New member
the snakes have arrived and gotten settled in their new homes. all are absolutely gorgeous!!! thanks a million!!! its a shame i have to give up 7 of them in a couple weeks. maybe i'm gonna need to get 7 more... j/k i know simon is going to read this soon. lol... i'll be back for more as soon as the warden, oops i mean my wife, says its ok. thanks again, jim

I feel bad for poor simon, having to wait to get the little guys. Still, you are making me jealous. Post some pics if you can!

I wonder if my roommate would kill me if I brought more snakes into the house? Maybe she won't notice...
I am reading your post jim....hahaha
don't tell me that you have 'lost' them now.....hahah

hey jim.....
remember that I said on the phone that 'time flies by' well.....I think that I should take that back.......from the time you told me that the snakes have arrived and that they are at your house.....time seems to have slowed down ALOT!!!
I don't know why May 6 or this Sunday (April 21st) is not here yet...........ah~~~

Thanks Rich for the shipment and all the help that you have given me! Thanks so much!

sorry guys... wish i could post some pictures but until i get a real computer no can do. right now i'm on a welfare web (webtv) and these things have about as many options as a friday afternoon soup kitchen.... someday when i stop spending all of my money on snakes (about the year 2037) i'll maybe actuallly get a computer.... till then :( ---- jim

ummmm simon,
i've been taking a closer look at these lavenders and i'm not sure if they are what you really wanted. maybe i should keep them for, say a few years, you know, and let them grow up and see how they turn out. i just don't want you to be disappointed and thought i'd save you all the work and hassle.... haha just kidding, i have to stop. you'll be down here banging on my door carrying a pitchfork if i start saying things like that. :) ijust couldn't stand this member status any longer and figured i'd work on my senior status :) ... wait i'll just go change it... jim

Glad to hear that the critters got to you safe and sound. I'll bet Simon is fit to be tied waiting to get his from you!

Thanks again for the order!
LOL.......don't worry I have 100% faith in Rich about picking out the corns. I am sure that they are what I want......hahahah
you know......days are going so slow right now......I can't stand it.... will you be coming up to Canada this Sunday?

Rich once again thanks for all your help!


good news... all of the new snakes have fed on pinks. those lavs didn't even wait for me to set down the mice. one got me by the finger before i had the pink laid down. bunch of hungry little gays and gals....

one more thing simon... i'll let you know tomorrow if we can make it on sunday. amy will find out tonight if she is working sunday night or not. i'll keep you posted. ---jim
please please please please please please please amy.....tell me that you don't have to go to work on Sun........
I am really going nuts right now......just thinking about them.....

o yeah jim, I left you a private message note asking about something.......again....hahaha so please reply when you are here on this forum

coming to canada.... sunday??!!??

you have a pm. good news!!!! sunday is on as long as you have no other plans. hahah!! do you have a digicam? if so, would you mind taking some pics of a few of my corns if i bring the snakes up with me? let me know and i'll speak with you tomorrow. thanks, jim

PM is alright, I will be having an exam on monday too but who cares......hahahahahaha I am so excited after reading this post!
plans? (well I was planning to study on sunday after the morning exam....but now......)what plans? even if I did have plans they are all canceled now....hahahaha

well I don't have a digi cam but then I am sure that I can borrow one from one of my friends. So I am sure that it's alright if you got your snakes up for a few shots of photos. I'll just upload it to my computer right after the photo shots and then delete the pic on his or her cam....so I would say why not.

Sunday Sunday Sunday.......
no~~~~time just slowed down again.........ah~~~~~:D