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Opal Het for Caramel.


ACR Breeder #0169
I just found out my Opal is HET FOR CARAMEL! Sweet~

I bred my Opal female to my Caramel Motley het for Amel and Hypo, They threw Normals, Amels, 2 Caramels, and a Butter! That means the Butter is het for Lavender Motley. The Caramels Are het for Amel, Lavender, and Motley, the Amels are het for Lavender, Caramel, and Motley, The Normals are 100% for Caramel, Lavender, Amel, and Motley, and all of them are poss het hypo. It should be noted, that the male has not been proven against Anery, but may be het for that as well, but it is certain my Opal female is not het for Anery.


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Lavender butter motleys..........carmel motley opals...... :shrugs: ......That's such an awesome project Jeremy. I can't wait to see how it all works out in a couple of years. :cheers: