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Hi there! I got my baby corn snake just yesterday and I wanted to decorate his/her terrarium some more. I wasn't sure what kind or if any kind of paint is safe to use on the hides for the snakes. I wanted to add a little color in there. Please let me know

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Paints that are safe for humans are fine, as long as they're thoroughly dry and are past the smelly/fragrant phase. Don't rush that part. Your snake's metabolism works at about 20% the rate of yours so even a low exposure to any potentially harmful agents can be problematic. You should choose paints labeled as washable, because at some point your snake will make that necessary, lol. We'd love to see pictures of the finished product!

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Forgot to say, please wait a while. The most important thing you can give your new baby corn snake right now is the time to settle and feel secure in its new home. Leave it completely alone, no handling or feeding for the first week.

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