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Photo request: fire cubed, and a extra of lava and ultramelmotley

Niels K.

cornsnake to the bone!
A friend askes me to make some more pics of the fire cubed, so here they are!!
Some pics are olmost the same, I shoot some from the same position. The only difference is that I put my flash of sometimes!


  • Afbeelding 180.JPG
    Afbeelding 180.JPG
    87.1 KB · Views: 130
  • Afbeelding 182.JPG
    Afbeelding 182.JPG
    94.7 KB · Views: 129
  • Afbeelding 188.JPG
    Afbeelding 188.JPG
    80.1 KB · Views: 129
  • Afbeelding 190.JPG
    Afbeelding 190.JPG
    119.4 KB · Views: 129
  • Afbeelding 197.JPG
    Afbeelding 197.JPG
    67.3 KB · Views: 129
And the ultramel motley including the head of a opal.
On the last picture are sample how cute snakes could be :puke01:
(lavamel and lava)


  • ultramelmotley.JPG
    79.2 KB · Views: 127
  • lava`s.JPG
    75.9 KB · Views: 127
The cubes are almost gone, thats what happens in blood when they get more red.
Very nice corn.
Thank you,
I hope The cubes will turn a bit darker, so it will still be able to see the pattern.