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hey jim,

you seem to like the photo that you took of Hector. I just love the professional way that the cameraman took the pic of the other pics! He is just too professional...hahaha

hey no problem with the pics at all! It's really nothing!

Good Luck and Happy Herping!
simon, yer right about that professional cameraman. isn't it great how he caught the snake perfectly and not to mention the superb use of light and shadows.... lol ...too bad the amel's pics didn't come out quite as well... oh well (sigh)...
thanks!!! he was my first corn (only preceded by a pair of northern pines and a pair of grey ratsnakes) and i still think he has some of the best color and pattern of many of my snakes (and he's only a normal) <~~~~he gets real upset when he hears me say that...lol... anyway thanks!!! ---jim

(and he's only a normal) <~~~~he gets real upset when he hears me say that...lol...
Perhaps you should start calling him a crimson or miami or something? Boost his morale a bit? hehe
ok from now on he's a super-normal :) (i think he just smiled) ... now if i can only get some pics of the other 40 snakes... :) --- jim
super corn with x-ray vision!

it's almost freeky how aphroditie's eyes are glowing in that second pic...
but I must say you have some beautiful corns, they are so clean and shiny!
hey jim
where did you find that cameraman.....I really need to find him to take some pics for me LOL.
I couldn't get good pics of my corns.....all of them are either too dark or yellowish or just something was wrong with it. I would say that the cameraman that took your snow was just brilliant!

try somewhere in canada. i've heard there are some very good photographers up there. ;) ---jim
I've heard that they have one somewhere in London Ontario too but then I just can't seem to find him

i must confess, i did not take the 2 latest pics. they were takenby the person i bought them from... :) ---jim
Great Pictures!

I will have to make a page for my snake, "Watching My Snake Grow" I will have to get my husband to help, I know next to nothing about computers and the net. :) June must be here soon!