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ping pong ball stage-how much longer?


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The female mousie I bought a couple of days ago is getting bigger (didn't think that was possible)... pooor thing really does look like a ping pong ball with this itty bitty head and tiny feet. I can see individual lumps poke out as she moves around (pretty funny really)... since I bought her pregnant I have no clue how much longer she has. Is there any way to tell? Once they hit the ping pong stage, usually how much longer do they have?
For a petstore mouse, she's very friendly... loves to just walk around my hand. She's a black and white satin too... I plan on feeding all the boys and keeping all her girls and getting a colony going... :)
Thanks for any advice!
I would say within the week. But I could be wrong. My Brandy's gettin there but shes got another 2 1/2 weeks left. hopefully...
My mouse answered the question for me today..... three days! I thought those lumps poking out looked full sized- she delivered 9 babies! Not bad for a first litter. I only took a minute to peek in the nest, fed them to occupy mamma meanwhile. She's a black and white broken satin mouse, but all of the babies are pink! I kindof expected to see some pigment in a couple of them.... maybe they take a couple of days to get pigment... I'm used to rabbits where you can pretty much tell at birth what color they will be! Either that or they'll all be solids... Am dying to know what color they'll be and what sexes... girls I'm keeping, boys get to get fed to my corn. I didn't want to mess with the babies enough to sex them, figured I'll give mamma a couple of days off first :). I'm so proud, I love babies!
Grats on the babies. Usually when they get to the size you can see the babies moving through their skin, its 2-3 days till they give birth, if that.

You can tell if the babies are going to be albino-ish or pigmented by the eyes. If the eyes are dark, you'll have colored babies; pinkish eyes albino or dove.

Its usually 5-7 days and the pigment in the hair follicles will start coloring the skin up and you can get a better idea of pattern/color. Although sometimes a pigmented baby will have a darker tone of pink to their skin, compared with the lighter colored pinks.

Sexing of pinks is really hard to do in mice. I can do it with pretty good success in rats, but they have bigger "stuff" to look at. Mice are most easily sexed when they're fuzzies-crawlers. Scruff their neck and look at the belly, you should be able to clearly discern nipples running down both sides of the belly in females, males won't have that. The urethral tube will be farther from the anus in males than females, as well. =)

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5-7 days to color up,huh? Wow, way different from the rabbits I'm used to LOL. Okay, that means the snake will get a bit bigger pinkies if I decide not to keep any.... I'm amazed at how good the male is with the babies, they take turns standing guard. And they don't get real upset when I peek in, even though I haven't even had them a week yet! Thanks for the info!
Congrats. Well my B/F woke me up this morning telling me my Brandt had her Babies. 3 successful births. Haha since starting my hobby again. but my babies are redish pink. Lovly.