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?s about shedding

The Newguy

New member
my snake is going through her first shed with me. I noticed Monday that she was looking alot duller than usuall and there was a very small piece of skin loose on her nose. She hasnt gotten any farther into her shed since then and i was wondering if there was anything i could do to help her out.

I was also wondering about how long does it take a corn to shed completely.

Thanks for the help:dgrin:
Well it sounds like she is in blue currently (dull color) they go blue for a few days then their skin looks clear for a few days before they shed. Just make sure the humidity is up in the viv. You can even provide a moist box (filled with paper towels or moss) for your snake that it can curl up in if it wants to which will help loosen it's skin.

When it sheds be sure that the shed is complete with eye caps and tip of the tail.
ive got moss in the viv already.

ok i thought that once they go into blue it was a day or to before they shed so i was gettin worried

Thank you for the info
Depending on how good you are at noticing, it can take a week or two in total for the shedding process. 10-12 days is pretty average, counting the time when they first go into hiding through the clear period.
so when they start shedding they go into hideing, shes been sheding longer than i thought then.
she finally went into the moss that i have in the viv so thats looking up

Thank you for the help
That's the way I know most of mine are blue- usually I see them out at some point during the night, and when I notice two or three nights have gone by without seeing them, then I figure out they are blue. _Sometimes_ a snake might look just slightly (or very much) darker the day before they go into hiding.
I usually feed as normal. Some will refuse, at which point I just leave them until the next scheduled feed.
oh ok, ill bare that in mind. thank u. have been handling for the first time since getting my snake home, didnt have any problems as handled before (except for a little poo but soon cleaned that up and was comfortable) and noticed its head looked like it had a sort of shiny patch on it! has any ones noticed this on theirs before? what does mean? i ask here as its colour is abit grey too so it might be shedding time or just the light making it look dull. sorry for lengthy post