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Sulfur aka Butter Difusion, aka Bloodred Butter, aka, Difuse Butter


New member
Hi all,

Questions from the noob time!

Can anyone tell me how (un-)common Sulfurs are and maybe how much I should expect to pay for one? Also, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have some idea who's breeding them, so I can talk to them directly. Anyone?

I believe Bayou Reptiles, South Mountain and Serpentco are breeding them, and I'm sure there are others. From what I've seen, expect to pay $1000 for one.
Seriously? Then I must have been robbed...

I produced 3 Sulfurs, and 7 babies het Sulfur... there is no way I would ask that much for them. Then again, I'm not Bayou Reptiles, Serpenco, or SMR. I charged $250 each for my Sulfur hatchlings (they were bought as a trio). The thing about breeding just about any animal is that if you intend to sell the babies, you can really only sell them at a price people will buy them for. I like Sulfurs, but I would never spend $600 on one.

Then again, some are in it for more cash return. I'm in it more for the hobby.

I wouldn't say that Sulfurs are that common, but its mainly because they aren't that sought after. I can't imagine why though, as all of the adult Sulfurs I have seen look great... if you like yellow, that is.

If you feel like waiting, I'll sell you a Sulfur for a decent price from next years clutch. Then again, as they become more common prices might lower. I wouldn't crack the bank just yet!
$250?!? Man, wish I had known about that when you were selling them - I think that's a steal. I would imagine to pay 600-800 from one of the "big" breeders; maybe $400 from a hobbyist breeder.

I have the hets to produce them this year (1/16 odds, here's hoping!!), and I haven't thought about pricing at all as I'll probably be keeping them all...
The one they had at the show was very nice, looked to be about 50-60 grams so I am guessing 6 months old or so. They also had a butter het sulfur for $250.
I know that over here an '06 male sulfur was offered last summer for 325 euro, with the current rate that is about 475 dollar. I know over here most combined morphs sell higher then in the US but the low rate of the doallr might even that out now.
No problem.

"If you feel like waiting, I'll sell you a Sulfur for a decent price from next years clutch. Then again, as they become more common prices might lower. I wouldn't crack the bank just yet!"

That's no problem at all. I'm just doing the research now so that I know what I'm in for come next year, which is when I intended to buy.

So the short answer is YES! I'd be glad to wait. Definitely let me know when they're on their way. And thanks!

Bayou Reptiles has one at the show in New Orleans, TODAY, for $600.

I was wondering if you know if they sold him. I sent them a deposit on a pair of bloods het caramel and amel, to be paid over the next few months, for $500. But this guy would suit my needs better than the pair would. I may just be emailing Bayou!