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Tessera Yearlings (1.3)


Insiders Club
Not your Normal Tessera... Sired by a practically borderless 'Yellowjacket' male. To be clear, I'm not sure if 'Yellowjacket' is an actual mutation or a set of line bred traits, but the adult 'Yellowjackets' I have are quite strange looking corns (very yellow (no red), borderless, glossy sheen, reduced side pattern, etc...) and these yearlings appear to have inherited some or most of those traits (adults clearly show traits at ~2 years of age). These yearlings are Het Anery, possible Het Amel, Caramel, Motley, and Lava, have never missed a meal, and are growing nicely. Questions welcomed :)

1.3 available: $100 each or all 4 for $350 (plus shipping)

Inquire here or email directly @: [email protected]


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