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What is this?

Looks like it might be an amel. Also the owner thinks it might be a hybrid and going by the picture I think that it might be a hybrid to. There is just somthing about the head of the snake that says hybrid to me.
I'll have to agree that it's an amel...just an amel what is the question. A clear picture would help ID that guy better. The color seems to have an all over orange to it which I haven't seen before (but is probably possible).

Random guess is that it's a Turbo or a Super corn... (Pine or Bullsnake cross)... I haven't seen too many of these to be good at IDing them, but I can't really think of any other way to get a BIG corn that looks like that...

Random guess is that it's a Turbo or a Super corn... (Pine or Bullsnake cross)...
Turbo corn is bull, pine or gopher X corn. Super corn is 75% corn/ 25% king. But I am just nitpicking.
I also agree that it's either just an amel, or an amel hybrid. The picture is pretty hard closely inspect though.
I think it looks kind of like a frosted creamsicle (a cornsnake x gray rat snake). I have a trio of them and they look very similar.
Although the picture is kinda blurry, I'm going with Terri on this one. That pattern made me think obsoleta almost immediately. :shrugs:
Here are pics of mine:



These are not current pictures, by the way. They were taken several months ago.
Kat said:
I bow to superior experience. Hybrids are not my forte. ;)

LOL...it's OK. I just happen to have a trio of frosted creams so I have some experience with them :D
Blutengel said:
Terri, that's a gorgeous hybrid! What's the non-corn half?
Thanks! I really like them (those are 3 different ones!). They are part gray rat snake.