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What kind of Corn did I bring home today??


New member
I brought a young corn home today because the people who had it didn't want it anymore because it bit there 5 year old son. The snake was never handled and I don't know how often it was fed. It was scared and hungry. It is now living at my house. I am not sure what kind it is. Here are some pictures and some of its new house. I want to eventually buy a boaphile for it but for now it has to stay in a 20 gallon critter cage. I did feed it when I got it home. it was very hungry. Now it is curled up getting used to its new house. Thanks for your help..
Miamish normal indeed! It can surely use a little more meat on the bones... I think it is irresponsible of the parents to seel it just because it !!!!BIT!!!! their 5 year old... I guess it did not even bleed.... it is not a monster you know... They could at least have take some time to research its needs and characteristics when very young.... I would have kept i away from the 5 yr old till it would not bite anymore, now this boy wiil be afraid for snakes for ever and probably try to hit them on the road in his car in the future :uzi: Or am I overreacting :rolleyes: :grin01:
nice pick-up..........just a bit of advice, next time you post pics, put them underneath each other and it will not spread out to the right and be sooo big. congrats on your newest addition. :cheers:
It's a nice looking normal snake... but not a "miami" normal. Glad to know he's in a good home now, though! :)
ya lol after seeing the pictures for a second time and getting a better look i realized that i was off on the miami part...

sorry bout that..
OI-TOY666 said:
on susans 2006 price list its a hypomelanistic type a
and that snakes looks identtical to mine
I very seriously doubt that it is a hypo. It's got too much black on it.

It looks like a "normal" normal to me.
Well, the saddles ar every red, that make sit look a bit miamish to me, but I do not think it is a miami.
OI-TOY666 said:
on susans 2006 price list its a hypomelanistic type a
and that snakes looks identtical to mine
Sorry, but my hypo babies look like hypos. And I thought your mother wouldn't let you have a snake until your grades improved? :confused:
I really don't care what kind of corn he/she is....I was just curious. I can't wait to see him when he gains a little bit of weight. How is the best way to "tame him down"?? I will give him a week or two to get used to his new home then start handling him. I have a BCI also, so I am not afraid of being bitten by the corn. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Yep, looks very 'normal' (but don't tell him that - they all should be made to feel that they're special in these formative years).

And wow, a Boaphile cage for a corn ...so your going to be 'that parent' on the block, eh? :)

Anyway, congrats on your acquisition.
He's pretty, but nice and bright, I can see why people are seeing miami and hypo traits in there. What I like is how much red he has. Congrats!
it looks a lot like the first half of mine... check it out and tell me what u think


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