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Amethyst ate her 2nd meal last night! She ate a live pinky, left in a deli, but it is still a success!
The others are all consistently eating, which makes me very happy!

Citrine, (KAI-18F) was one of the last to catch, but she is now starting to turn blue, so I didn't feed her last night.
I think it was because I gave her a little bigger pinky last time.
A little more than 1/3 of them are into the double digit rage on weight (10-12 grams) when I weighed them a week ago.

I expect more of them to start their 2nd shed process sometime soon. I will be taking more pics after each of them sheds.

I will get various head shots, overhead, body shots, belly shots, etc.
It will be a tedious process, so bear with me, I have 16 (17 if you count Quartz, the non Tessera male I held back) babies to take photos of. LOL