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lolabythekinks 10-24-2021 10:47 AM

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Lennie (normal) and Munch (fire) used to be housed separately, but they let me know they wanted to be together. They have a surplus of hides on the hot, cool, and mid sides of the tank and unless someone is spending time in the humid hide for shed, they are together ALWAYS. Both female, within a few grams and inches of the same size, they're never in the same position - sometimes Lennie is around Munch, sometimes Munch is around Lennie, they trade who is on top - the only consistent is that most of the time they sleep nose to nose or with their heads side by side. They are well fed and oft handled and they are both just such a joy to keep.

I understand cohabbing is controversial, trust me - I had them separate for that reason and I dove into the research with a vengeance when they started breaking into each other's side of the tank, and it still blows my mind that they get along so well, 6 months later. I observe them DAILY to make sure they're still getting along and I am fully prepared to separate them if anything changes, but I'm enjoying this while it lasts <3

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