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I have 12 babies available. They are 3 months old.
I am not a breeder. I just paired 2 of my snakes to see if I could get them to do it....and they did. I cant keep them all.
Hi skinz my apologies for sending u this message not knowing u my 4 month old snow corn escaped on Monday I've searched every were no scales or blood anywere but I'm worried my bulldog may have eaten her I have put hides near walls food traps water bowls and heate mats in variouse locations. I'm really worried that my dog could of eaten it. Or is it more likely she is hiding somewhere. Or am I stressing about nothing and it will turn up plz ?
Hi can anyone help me plz my snow corn escaped Monday after a feed and I'm worried my bulldog has eaten it. I'm I over stressing could she e hiding somewhere I've searched high and low put out food trap water bowles comfy hiding places with hides against walls and still no signs.
Hi there, I have two questions. We got two new corn snakes. Each from a different breeder. One person recommended us using Zilla Jungle Mix substrate and the other recommended Aspen. What do my long time corn snake people suggest? Please let me know why you like which one you do. Also what about UVB? Yes or no? If yes is it 12 on and 12 off? Thank you so much.