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  1. mammadukes

    my little guy won't eat help

    so i got valentine about 3 weeks ago and he hasn't ate for me yet. we feed frozen pinkies to all of our little guys. but he won't touch them. when i try to handle him he strikes at me (almost got me a couple of times). i raise mice for the bigger snakes and feed stunned to them (they won't touch...
  2. mammadukes

    here is a pic of the new guy

    got this fella at the show in Columbus Saturday. that brings my count up to 8 corn snakes and I'm not done yet. My first stripe. I love stripes. notice the angel wings on his head? His name is Gabriel.
  3. mammadukes

    going to a reptile show this weekend

    I'm going to the reptile show in Columbus,Oh this weekend. I am very excited:D. I have been to the show in Cleveland several times but this is the first time to Columbus. We are looking for Pygmy mice but I'm sure we will come home with a corn snake or two. Brandon wants a Charcoal and I would...
  4. mammadukes


    ok so i got this baby cornsnake at a pet store on monday and of course no one there had any clue what it was. so i'm puting the question to you. can anyone tell me what morph this snake is???
  5. mammadukes

    Why has my adult corns behavior changed?

    I got Cocoa at Christmas time. When I got him he was very content to be handled. He shed the week after I got him. Not a perfect shed, But didn't really have any trouble. Most of it was in one piece. I handle him every day. He never wanted to go back in his viv. But the last week and a half 2...
  6. mammadukes

    new cornsnake owner

    Hello everyone! I am a new cornsnake owner and was looking for a site where I can get answers when I need them. This looks like the perfect place. My boyfriend got me into keeping cornsnakes. I fell in love with them immediatly. We started out with babies and had some feeding troubles and lost...