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  1. rickyrivers

    Hello everyone!!!

    No, I'm not a new member, just an ungrateful one. I had not log in for 17 months. I got a puppy around that time and all my attention shifted to that little creature peeing and pooping all over the house. But I never forgot about you guys, how could I? Every time I see Sofia I remember how much...
  2. rickyrivers

    Any thing else than mice?

    Guys I was just wondering if any of you fed your corn something else than mice. Maybe a lizard now and then or a baby chick. I don't know but isn't it boring for my corn to have to eat mice for the rest of her life? Thanks everyone!
  3. rickyrivers

    More active now in her Viv

    Hello everyone!! I took my corn outside last monday for the first time ever. She was born on captivity so I think this was her very first time. At first I held her and we sat in the sun... ( I didn't know how beautiful her eyes looked) and then I laid her down on the grass. She didn't move at...
  4. rickyrivers

    Can I feed 2 adult mice?

    Hello, My cornsnake is almost 2 years old and she has been eating an adult mouse (not jumbo). I don't know how much she weights, but she's 3 feet long and is not obese or skinny.. she looks just fine. I've had her for 6 months now and when I got her from the petstore they were feeding her...
  5. rickyrivers

    Is this size mouse alright?

    Hello everyone, I have a question again: My corn is eating an adult mouse now, she digest him real good in 2 days. So I know is not too big for her. I'm feeding her now every 7 days, but I was wondering is I can do it more often. Is 7 days a maintanence diet? I don't want it to be a maintanence...
  6. rickyrivers

    When to move to the next size up

    Hello everyone! I fed my corn today and after she was done eating I didn't notice a big lump on her belly. I'm making little slits on the mouse back before feeding it to my snake, so I can't really go with the 48hr rule to see if the lump went away during this time. ( You all know what I'm...
  7. rickyrivers

    which Digital Scale

    I was wondering how much an adult corn snake weights, because I was checking some scales and I found 2 that I like: One has a reading up to 6 pounds or 3 kgs. and the other could read up to 11 pounds. My corn is far from being an adult but I want a scale that will serve me when my corn is an...
  8. rickyrivers

    How often to feed

    Hello everyone, My corn is 14 month old and she's 24 inches long, she's eating hoppers. My question is how often should I feed her? I don't know how much she weights :shrugs: Does anyone know where I can buy a digital scale? Thanks
  9. rickyrivers

    fedding for the first time

    Hey everyone! I picked up my corn on Sunday and I haven't gone near her since. But today I must feed her, I will feed on a different container. My question is: How do I defrost the hopper? Really Hot water? How do I know when the hopper is ready, all warm inside? After she eats, should I remove...
  10. rickyrivers

    question about sheds

    How often do corns shed?
  11. rickyrivers

    Help with the temps!!

    Hello everyone, I haven't pickup my corn yet because I'm having trouble keeping the right temperature. I went and bought the 40 gal tank for reptiles, a uth and a lamp. My house is always 65f, so at night the temp in the tank drops to 63f on the cool side and 80f on the hot side because I turn...
  12. rickyrivers

    Dechlorinating water

    I read you should give dechlorinated water to your corn snake. My question is if a filter on the faucet will take care of the chlorine or I need to buy bottled water?
  13. rickyrivers

    pro and cons of buying and older snake

    Hello everyone, I will buy my new corn snake in the next 2 weeks. It will be my first snake ever. I found a female okettee in a local petshop thats 14 months old. They bred her themselves, I even saw her parents. I have been to the store twice and held her those two times and she is very nice...