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  1. albinoscooby

    A few Adults and sub adult

    Hi All, I'm going to be in the process of moving soon, and am going to need to get rid of most of my snakes. I can get pictures upon request. Feel free to message me with any questions. 0.1 2018 Ultramel Anery 1.0 2016 Bloodred Stripe 1.0 2020 Whiteout sub adult __________________ 2.0...
  2. albinoscooby

    A few adults and sub adult

    Hi All, I'm going to be in the process of moving soon, and am going to need to get rid of most of my snakes. I can get pictures upon request. Feel free to message me with any questions. 0.1 2018 Ultramel Anery 1.0 2016 Bloodred Stripe 1.0 2020 Whiteout sub adult
  3. albinoscooby

    Wanted: Female adult I can breed with my Whiteout

    Hi All, I know its a little late in the season, but I'm trying to look for a female that I can cross with my whiteout male. I know some of you guys are getting rid of non project, or just have too many and trying to get rid of a few! I'm looking for something with some decent hets that...
  4. albinoscooby

    Brumation and Mating Season

    Hey All, I just wanted to start a general thread and see where everyone is so far this breeding season. Are most of you guys just coming out of Brumation and ready to breed? Have already bred, etc. I see a few on here have eggs on the ground already. I'm going to be crossing my...
  5. albinoscooby

    Collection thinning out

    Given my current life situation, I've decided to get rid of most of my collection, except a few. My living situations don't allow me to keep more than a few, and I had some horrible news come through within my immediate family. I would rather these snakes go to someone who could give them more...
  6. albinoscooby

    Auction!!! 1.1 2010 Ultras Het for Bloodred

    I picked up this pair last summer. They don't fit into my breeding plans in the future, and I need to thin out my collection a little bit. Both are feeding on f/t hoppers and are great feeders. See details below..... The Rules are as Follows: 1. The auction will end Friday October 28th at...
  7. albinoscooby

    1.1 Pair of 2010 Ultras het Bloodred Yearlings

    I picked this pair up last year. They don't fit into my future plans for next year, so off they go! They're currently feeding on f/t hoppers. I'm asking $140 Plus Shipping for the pair. I accept paypal. Feel free to ask me any questions via PM or email. You can email me at...
  8. albinoscooby

    Phantom Bloodreds

    Each have had two meals and doing great. they are feeding on f/t. I'm asking $150 each. Buyer to pay shipping. Feel free to PM me with any questions. You can also email me at [email protected]. I accept paypal only More to come soon!!
  9. albinoscooby

    1.2 Amel Het Anery Trio of Yearlings

    This trio was a hold back from last year. These hatched out from crossing a Reverse Okeetee Het Anery X Amel het Anery. One of the females is deep in shed, so I apologize for the picture. She looks like the others, but has deeper white borders. All are feeding on f/t hoppers. I'm asking $85 for...
  10. albinoscooby

    Phantom of the snakes!!!

    So after 58 days, my Bloodred Het Charcoal, Hypo x the same is pipping. The first one out is a Phantom!
  11. albinoscooby

    Adding a new rat to an existing colony

    Is the rule for rats the same as it is for mice? Or will rats adapt to a new mother since they are better mothers over all? I know if you put a mouse in their cage, they would definitely kill and probably eat it. One of my female rats isn't fertile anymore. One is ready to pop! I have one in...
  12. albinoscooby


    This is my Female whiteout yearling. I figured I'd post a pic since most of my herps aren't up here lol. Let me know what you guys think!
  13. albinoscooby

    Guess this morph! Shouldn't be hard!

    This one should be easy....... Sorry about the quality. I'm still in the process of unpacking everything at my new place and my camera is burried somewhere in one. These hatched out about 2 weeks ago now. Amongst others. I will be changing my name soon and should hopefully have my own forum...
  14. albinoscooby

    How many litters can a Rat have?

    So my pair of rats are preggo with their 4th litter now. I'm going to assume maybe 3 or 4 months max?
  15. albinoscooby

    Fed Ex certifications

    So I'm finally going to get the packages sent out today to be inspected. I just wanted to see if there was anything that anyone had problems with in the past with getting denied, or wrong packaging, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. albinoscooby

    First Clutch of the season! Fire Stripe x Normal het Albino, Motley and Bloodred

    So this was a breeder loan crossed with Stephen's Fire Stripe. 20 pearl eggs and no slugs!! I'm hoping for some great results! Here is the link to his thread, then below the clutch!! http://www.cornsnakes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=110975
  17. albinoscooby

    4th Pairing Bloodred het hypo, charcoal x Silver Queen het Hypo, Anery, ph Charcoal

    So I've got a pair of silverqueens that won't lock on. I figured I'd try my luck with my bloodred male het hypo and charcoal. This should be an interestingp project :)
  18. albinoscooby

    Getting Fedex certified compared to UPS

    Which is easier overall and better to deal with out of these two?
  19. albinoscooby

    1st Pairing Reverse Okeetee x Buckskin Okeetee

    So I put these two together this year in hopes of getting more like the one I posed a few weeks back with really high white borders. Both of their heads aren't in it, but the money shot is :). Let me know what you guys think!
  20. albinoscooby

    2nd pair Anery het motley x Hypo Amel

    I put these two together a couple of times already. She's filling up with eggs as I type this! Below are pictures of the locking and a clutch from crossing my Amel Stripe Het Anery x Hypo Amel