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  1. hypnoctopus

    67temp's 2024 plans

    Wow, het scaleless is quite a surprise! I'd love to see pics of babies.
  2. hypnoctopus

    Cotton candy corns by snakes at sunset.

    I think it's just a descriptor for the particularly pink snows. The gene is most likely homozygous red factor. You could try asking them what the genetics are, but since they're a reseller, they might not know. I think they just keep whatever label the breeder put on the snake.
  3. hypnoctopus


    Welcome! She's pretty! She might be a hypo, but a few extra pictures would help identify her. Can you post some pictures of her belly? And a full body pic in natural lighting?
  4. hypnoctopus

    SpiritSerpents 2024 pairings

    Oh weird, thanks for sharing! Mine look similar, but the whole egg looks like the thinner areas.
  5. hypnoctopus

    SpiritSerpents 2024 pairings

    Do you have a pic of the half-shelled one? I have a handful this year that came out looking like slugs, but now several of them have developed veins, but they seem to be very thin shelled. No idea if they'll make it to hatching.
  6. hypnoctopus

    Too soon?

    She's lovely! It sounds like your setup is good. A heat mat on a thermostat set to about 87 degrees is perfect for a warm spot for digestion. You can put a hide right over top of it, so she has a secure place to hang out if she wants to use the heat. Overhead heating is not required, although it...
  7. hypnoctopus

    little corn has a prolapse of some sort?

    I think a photo would be very helpful.
  8. hypnoctopus

    SpiritSerpents 2024 pairings

    Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that. How old was Gabby?
  9. hypnoctopus

    A change is coming.....

    I've been out of town for a while and haven't had a chance to really look around and familiarize myself, but I think the layout is fine. I'm glad it's still here anyway!
  10. hypnoctopus

    hello here's my snake, spore

    What a beautiful baby!
  11. hypnoctopus

    I might be too old...

    I struggle with change as well. But I'm glad it's still here and I know I'll get used to it after I've had some time to navigate it.
  12. hypnoctopus

    Corn snake acting different than usual

    Sounds like pretty typical male breeding behavior. Don't be alarmed if he also chooses to stop eating for a bit.
  13. hypnoctopus

    A change is coming.....

    Oh man, I thought the site was gone! Glad to see that's not the case.
  14. hypnoctopus

    Mithril - Shatter

    This gorgeous girl came from a friend of mine. She hasn't been eating consistently, so she might need a few tricks to get her going, but she was too cool to pass up. She is in very early blue in this photo and hasn't shed yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing how she looks after her shed and...
  15. hypnoctopus

    Vale - Cinder

    Picked up this pretty little female cinder recently from a friend of mine. She's been very hit or miss with food (mostly miss though!), so I knew she was going to be a bit of a challenge. She did refuse her first meal with me, but just took the second meal I offered, which was a boiled pinkie in...
  16. hypnoctopus

    Dandelion - Honey Stripe

    Picked up this insane little Miami honey stripe a few days ago from a friend. I gave him the sweet name of Dandelion, but he is definitely the feistiest baby corn I've dealt with! I'm so looking forward to seeing how he looks after a few sheds. His mom, a Miami honey, is a really beautiful gray...
  17. hypnoctopus

    Alrighty, what have we here?

    This year I paired my female amel, Sparrow, to my my male lavender motley, Periwinkle. Mom was sold as an amel het anery, lavender, diffused, hypo or strawberry, ph motley. I believe Sparrow is also red factor. Dad was sold as lavender motley, with no hets listed. Dad was unremarkable as a...
  18. hypnoctopus

    An unusual species

    I heard about this species a few years ago and it instantly shot to the top of my most wanted snakes list. This is a calabar python. They're a really neat little fossorial, egg-laying boa with the thickest, toughest skin discovered so far in snakes. They also are nest raiders, so they typically...
  19. hypnoctopus

    2023 Babies

    This will be my first year with multiple clutches. My first clutch is pipping now and the first baby is out! This clutch will be candy-themed, so this little anery is Raisinet!
  20. hypnoctopus

    Missing head scales

    Do we know what causes the occasional missing head scale on some corns? Or rather, it's not really a 'missing' scale, but it's more like the scales covering the head are rounded at the edges and don't meet in the middle. I think I've noticed it mostly in amel types, but occasionally in other...