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  1. schadenfreude

    First Shedding....

    My baby cornsnake "cornelius englebert badass mother****ing snake" shed for the first time since i have had him...it came out so perfect! just had to show off...like a mother and her first born.....
  2. schadenfreude

    my cornsnake has the baddest name ever..

    hi all... yes, i am new to the site...i have a 9 week old motley cornsnake. he is awesome... his name is cornelius englebert badass mother****in' snake... and i will take this opportunity to say thanks in advance for any helpful advice i will receive while here.... :cheers:
  3. schadenfreude

    how often...

    i have an 8 week old motley cornsnake who i feed every 4-5 days...i feed pinkies...and he eats them right up.... as he gets older, how long should i space his feedings? any helpful advice would be appreciated.....he is my first snake so i want to make sure he gets the proper feedings and...