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Unhappy Eating problems...

Hello ;-)

I bought some mising black corns about 5 months ago but they alway's (most of the times) have eating problems... When they eat living or dead mice they almost everytime puke their food up after a day of 5/6. Even though they still eat the mice every time without problems and even shed their skin almost every month without any problem. Also one of the snakes laid eggs without any problems. It seems to me when they have indigestion problems they also dont want to eat regulary and also having problems with shedding their skin and so on. But none of this is a problem because thats not the point. Although they dont take much food to make a big pile of crap (because they throw up there food after almost a week) Only they take a smile crap from time through time. But it doesnt look as it has to be :-( Does anyone know what kind of problem this snake's have? I kept many snakes for years ago but this thing did never happen before to me. So can anyone help me out?