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There's so much wrong I'm not even sure where to start.

For one, you need to seperate your snakes immediately.

Secondly, you're contradicting yourself. In your first post you said they're regurging their food, but shedding fine and look healthy. Then two sentences later you're saying that they're having problems with their sheds. Which is it?

If you bought these snakes still in brumation and then offered them a full sized meal without warming them back up, that might be the start of the problem.

Regardless, you simply cannot keep feeding them food and having them puke it back up. If you keep that up, you are going to wind up with dead snakes.

You MUST seperate the snakes, and then try feeding them something much smaller, like a fuzzy. Make sure the temps are in the low 80's and if they hold the fuzzy down, feed another one. If it holds that down, gradually start moving up to small mice. After two fuzzies, feed two hoppers, then a small mouse or something.

I cannot stress enough that if you don't do something about the regurging your snakes are going to die.