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Custom habitat decor


New member
I'm getting my first corn snake in a couple of weeks and while it will be a while until it's ready to get the full run of my enclosure, I'm planning decor etc for it.

I'm really into horror/gothic aesthetics and while there are a few skull things about for reptiles, not much else.

Is it possible to buy other objects that are not necessarily for snakes for them to use? Thinking along the lines flowers/leaves hides and enrichment. I see a lot of vivs with fake plants but do they need to be specifically for reptiles?

With Halloween around the corner there's a lot of things in the shops I think will be usable but want my snakes health and wellbeing to be priority.
Hi Squig! As long as there aren't areas they can get stuck in, and is non toxic to touch and smell, and is not sharp, it should be totally fine. I let my snake out on my table top and she loves exploring clutter, finding hides, investigating dark passageways, etc. basically, snakes love goth. It's enriching for them to explore, since that's what they would do in the wild.

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That's great, thank you so much for replying.

In regards to toxicity, should I use the rule of if I wouldn't lick it, it shouldn't be in a snake tank :laugh:?