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[emoji3544]My corn snake is squeaking[emoji3544]


New member
Last night I went to pick up my almost 2 year old corn snake and I noticed while I was holding her she was making a squeaking kinda whistling sound quite often. I heard her make the same sound about 2 weeks ago but I only heard it once so didn't pay much attention to it but now she was doing it alot. It's only when I'm handling her because I can't hear her do it when I put her down. I'll probably take her to the vet soon because I've read it might be an RI but anything else I should watch for? She shed about a month ago and I don't see any leftover skin near her face

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I’d get her into a vet now. It really does sound like she could have an upper respiratory infection and the longer you wait, the worse the outcome. Good luck with your girl.