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First Time Corn Snake Mom...Be Kind!


New member
OK...I have a 7 month old male corn snake. He was all wrapped up in this fake vine that he likes and I could see his underbelly and not his back. I was looking at his belly and tracing the circles in his body from wrapping. I ran across his little male area and there was a tiny bulge there. Do you know if that might be he needs to poop since he had a large meal 3 days ago. Or when male cornsnakes get to be juvenile age, can you look at that area and see his hemipense under the skin. I've just never see this before and I need to be sure he's ok. Thank you guys for lettming me ask the newbie questions!
A photo would be useful, but are we talking about a bulge past his cloaca (where poop exits :), or a bulge before his cloaca? Hemipenes are located posterior to the cloaca at the base of the tail. If the bulge is before his cloaca (body side), then it's likely just poop . The hemipenes can be seen in some individuals if they are an amelanistic morph. Hemipenes cannot typically be seen through the skin otherwise. Hope that helps :)
I am talking about the little bulge directly above his cloaca...I think. It appears white but is actually shine. I think after your description, it must have been poop. He was doing a lot of moving and stretching out since eating 2 days prior!

Thank you so much for your kind reply!