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Gravid or nah?


New member
So it's been a while since I've been on here! Almost 2 years, actually, lol, but now I'm back with a question.

Munch and Lennie are 2.5 years old now, and have been cohabbing since they were around 6 months (their own choice). This was fine when I believed both to be females but Munch, who was sold to me as a sexed female, is male OOPS. (saw hemipene around Halloween, no doubt is male)

I've left them together (they share hides and sleep coiled in opposite directions just so they can sleep cheek to cheek okay) and just did the opposite of the recommendations for getting corn snakes to breed. No brumation, not even a colder period, frequent handling, frequent tank rearranging, same feeding schedule as always. They currently live in a 4x2x2 and have plenty of space to get their own privacy. They're fed separately but the same size mice and at the same time.

Recently, Lennie started being a bit more reclusive, and has gotten a lot thicker towards the back very quickly. Then I got this picture of them sharing the humid hide and GOLLY Lennie looks ROUND. Munch has been more active and visible lately and has not gained similar weight.

I've attached a pic of the bottom of the humid hide, the white belly is Munch and the checkered is Lennie. She is indeed in shed, but I didn't feel anything when I felt her belly for eggs.

I welcome all feedback, but I'd really rather focus on how immediately I need to prepare for eggs over how I got in this situation [emoji28]

Thank you in advance for your patience and expertise!! PXL_20230107_173508053.MP.jpg

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