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Help with raising tank off table (risers?)


New member
Hi All,

I have a wooden sideboard table that I keep my corn on in her 40 gallon tank. The underside heater is starting to make the wood warp. I want to raise up the tank by about an inch or so to stop that. Googling has not been helpful. Do any of you do something to protect what the tank is on? Risers? A mat? Any advice is welcome.

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I took a shelf off of one of my bookcases and cut it in half long ways. Each half I slid under an edge of the tank. It worked perfectly.
that heat pad must really be crankin' to warp wood. Perhaps the wood is very thin and cheap or maybe you need to turn down the heat? I've never had that problem, as my heat pad is set to 91 degrees and that's nowhere near enough heat to warp the wood on my table.