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In The Blue...what does this mean?


OH! So, what I always refer to as being foggy or cloudy is ...in the blue. What about my creamsicle or pink, they don't cast bluish. The brown motley does now that you have explained it to me.
Whitish blue on them too, you just missed their eyes doing that is all.. Sometimes happens very, very quickly..

Here is a poor picture of one of my Amel's in Blue..


yea, even if their is a color morph that doesnt turn a bluish color, it is still refred to as being in blue before it sheds
Sometimes it is hard to catch the snakes with lighter eye colors "in blue." I know that sometimes I miss my amel's blue phase, and sometimes its tricky to tell on the lavenders too.

I do have one decent picture of my lavender in blue, just for reference.