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Live plants in viv?


New member
Do you think it's be okay if I put live plants and potting soil in the 80gal tank with the stripe it'd be Okay?
I have so many plants and no where to put them all and very little substrate.
I'm not sure if my plants are safe for snakes or not.

Here are pics of my 4 plants.

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I see nothing wrong with plants but any soil used, I wouldn't make sure it is not miracle grow or any with added fertilizers. Only issues you may find in a tank setup could be a buildup of too much humidity depending on lights, heating and type of lid used.. So that should be monitored.
The best place where you can put a plant is in its natural habit. Of course, it depends on the plant because plants need a lot of sunlight, and some plants need water and less sun. That is why, before planting something, you should research a bit about it and learn how to take care of it. Also, you have to buy different tools that can help you with this task. Find on the internet some weed pullers reviews. It might be handy if you have plans to plant something. Hope I helped you at least somehow.
I don't know how big your corn snake is but one concern I would have with putting plants with a corn snake would be the durability and stability of the plants. A full grown corn snake could easily topple over potted plants and possibly destroy more delicate plants just with the weight of their bodies.
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