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PVC Tubing?


New member
My snake loves the hang out in toilet paper tubes, but she frequently gets poop on them so I have to throw them out.

I was wondering if PVC tubing is safe for snakes. Because I was thinking I could have some PVC tubes around the outside of the tank for her to explore. Or maybe, could you even make a maze? Has anyone used PVC before?

Thanks :)
I use pvc piping for hides. The only thing is that you don't want to have a situation where you can't access your snake, so with mine, I cut it in half lengthwise so there's no 'bottom' and I can just lift it up to take the snake out.
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I use to work in a pipe yard back when I had boas and I used 12"-16" pvc cut in half just like the wooden ones you can by in stores

Good thing you can make them as big as you wanted

Bad thing is that they are just pvc not really pleasing to the eyes

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I got some 1" pvc cut to the length of a paper towel tube and my guy loves it. Very easy to clean too. But I'll definitely agree that you wanna cut it in half, coaxing him out for feeding is really an ordeal!
could you do a maze?

I am debating putting a pvc/hamster tube maze into my snake enclosure once i get one (I am not getting my snake until January) but I am wondering, how would I get it so I could take my snake out, and how could I attach it to the cage?

Hoping for help, as I have no idea :eatpointe